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Tasca La Sella-a hidden treasure of Pedreguer, Alicante + a Sangria recipe

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Todays post I shall write in English, to get a larger audience for this awesome restaurant we visited while holidaying in Javea, Alicante. To finish of the post, I shall give you a recipe for a sangria, a perfect summerdrink, but a perfect party punch too!

Tasca La Sella is not located in the main holiday destinations like Benidorm or Javea but is a short drive from those places (around 40min. from Benidorm), a drive worth taking for. It is a beautifully decorated, rustic, traditional Spanish restaurant by the N-322 (on the right hand side if you are coming from Javea).  

Tasca La Sella is open for lunch and dinner, and on weekends table reservations are preferred to avoid disappointment.
On saturdays restaurant offers live music by the talented Felipe.

Their menu offers a variety of meat, fish and chicken dishes as well as vegetarian options, but offers also to book in advance for a really delicious meat feast, where all the meat; lamb leg, pork ribs and whole chickens are slow cooked for several hours in the fireplace. 

As we had a big group of friends and family, we opted for this. In the picture, the first dishes hanging at the fireplace. 

We booked the restaurant for a friday night around 7.30pm, and as we entered (a tad too early, around 7pm), we were the only ones there. The decor of the restaurant is beautiful! Like entering a little museum.

The hosts were getting the tables ready, and I felt utterly bad when the men in our company decided, they want to have the feast at the terrace, so they can smoke. 

This wasn't a problem, and quickly the hostess, Daniela went and sorted us a long table outside. 

My bad feeling was soon lifted as people started coming in (I had thought were going to be the only ones there 😂), and in a space of half an hour, the restaurant front room was pretty much full of customers, Spanish, British and even Swedish! Felipe and Daniela rallied around and made sure everyone was ok, and the bar man was getting rather busy too. 

While I was being a Paparazzi, I saw the dishes coming out to the other customers, and wow! Fine dining-set ups, dishes so beautiful, like art! Unfortunately I wasn't brave enough to start filming strangers eating so for pictures you MUST look at the photos at TripAdvisor page for the restaurant. 

Customers seemed happy with their food and most seemed to know the hosts so I assume they have a base of regular customers. 

I had heard the restaurant has been there for a while but had a dip in reputation before Felipe & Daniela took over. They seem to put their heart in this business and work utterly hard to make people happy. 

While waiting for the rest of our group, who were running late, we ordered Sangria-of course-my new favourite drink, and Felipe-the host-brought it out in beautifully decorated jars jammed with fresh fruit-yum!! This was yet again, a different taste to any other Sangria I had in Javea restaurants, apparently the trick was a splash of gin and cognac. It worked!

We were served starters of thinly cut spanish ham, fresh bread with alioli (Spanish version of Aioli) and cheese croquettes on a bed of lettuce. 

I am in looove with Spanish ham and we actually bought one of these Iberico Serranos on the day we came to Spain. It lasted for the whole 10 days. The taste is so strong you can't eat many slices at once. 

Finally the rest of our group came and the food was falling of the bone. 
Obviously, this being more of a BBQ-feast, our food was served in large dishes rather than individually. And BOY was it good!

Daniela made a spicy salsa sauce to compliment the meat, but to be honest, the taste of the meat, esPECIALLY the carved lamb leg was super tasty without anything extra, just salt & pepper.

With the meat we were served slightly sauteed potato wedges which were flavored with paprika.

Awesome meal, just awesome! 

As we finished our meals and the complimentary coffee solo's (espresso's), Daniela invited us in and we were treated for a private show by the talented Felipe, who is an excellent guitar player and sings like Julio Iglesias. 

Amazing night, without a doubt, a best night of our holiday! 
picture borrowed from
Tasca La Sella's fb-page

I could imagine booking this restaurant for parties like birthdays, even weddings, the service, decor, and the hosts make this place just superb!

If hanging around in the area, do not miss this place!

And then to the Sangria-the drink of many recipes, which all claim to be authentic. 

I give you the version I prefer:

  • 1 lemon - sliced with rind
  • 1 orange - sliced with rind
  • 1 apple - sliced no skin
  • 1 bottle of fruity red wine (rioja for example)
  • 1/2 cup red martini
  • 1/4 cup cognac
  • 1/4 cup gin
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 2 cans of fanta lemon
  • large ice cubes
Some people say you can use any red wine on Sangria, but if you want it fresh and fruity, use fresh and fruity wine. If you are preparing Sangria beforehand, don't add the Fanta and Ice until just when about to serve. Flat Sangria is crap.

Place some orange and lemon slices at the bottom of a large pitcher or punch bowl.

Pour in the gin, cognac, martini and sugar and let it soak for few minutes. Then add the wine and stir well for about 30-40 seconds. Press down the fruit rinds as well to get the fruit juices out.

Pour in the Fanta and stir about 10 seconds. Add more fresh fruit and the ice and serve!

yum yum!!!

I have to admit, I am now suffering with the post holiday blues, and decided to take a little break from alcohol and cut down big time the ciggies. A day didnt't go by without a drink in those ten days. Though I think the bars at Javea serve their Sangria rather weak, I could drink it all day long without feeling even slightly light headed, where as at Tasca La Sella, I ended up adding about 2dl sparkling water to my drinks as I was worried I'm going to get pissed with the first glass and be totally legless by the time the dinner comes 😂.

Have a great day everyone xx

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